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Note : Pricing indicated is a guide only and your SharpSpring price may prove more reasonable!

Why use marketing automation?

It works...Send the right information at critical points in the individual buying process.

  • Customer finds your website

    Through email campaigns, social media, traditional media, paid or organic search engine marketing, customers come to your website.

  • Sales staff notified & starts a conversation

    Your staff responsible for business generation are provided with quality leads in a timely manner, via and easy to use CRM.

  • They request more info

    We help you put together engaging campaigns, so your prospects move through the awareness and consideration stages of the buyers journey.
  • Nurture the lead and send an offer when they return to the site

    The Marketing Automation workflows continue to nurture the leads helping move them through the consideration to the decision stage.
  • Automatically send a targeted email

    Using easy to use triggers, workflows and lead scoring you can deliver the right information at the right time to the right prospect.

    But it doesn't end there! Not only can you track and continuously improve campaign ROI, but the CRM helps you retain, cross sell and even boost referrals.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Features built to Increase and Enhance your Marketing efforts.

  • Full Marketing Automation System
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Behavior-Based Email Automation
  • Blog Builder
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Anonymous Visitor ID
  • eCommerce & much more

Who Can Use Marketing Automation?

Any B2B Business that has over R15 000 per month Digital Marketing budget.

Traditionally Marketing Automation has been used by larger companies that have at least 5 sales people, a marketing department and enough admin staff to run the nitty gritty side. It’s also been like this because let’s face it - Marketing Automation used to be expensive! In fact it still is, depending on the software you use.

Take a look at the Comparison of softwares here. You can see straight away that most softwares to use are fairly expensive, but then the added cost of setting the system up properly and then maintaining it and training people is often what pushes the decision out of the park.

But a lot has changed lately. As WSI Digital Marketing Consultants we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients in the world of Digital. We know that times can be tough and people simply don’t have the money anymore to be spending $2 000 plus every month for a software that then still requires a great deal of admin resource and outsourced content supplied. Hence our global partnership with SharpSpring. Our partnership with a trusted, reliable, dynamic company like SharpSpring affords us the ability to offer a really robust, professional system for a very cost effective price comparatively.

Although Marketing Automation is still not for everyone, it can now be available for less than R7 000 per month - and yes, you’ll get all the bells and whistles for this price too.


More About SharpSpring

Just a little bit more about the company that is helping 1000's of businesses around the globe

SharpSpring is a next generation full Marketing Automation Software. They are focused on supplying a robust, quality software that can integrate with top softwares whilst making the solution affordable, so even relatively smaller businesses can also afford it.
SharpSpring does not normally deal with the public as such, they prefer to work with agencies that can then build and carry on their relationship with their own clients. So that the people at SharpSpring can do what they do best - making an automation software that just gets better and better.

As the world’s largest group of Professional Internet Marketing Consultants, WSI, was primed to become a large partner with SharpSpring. We’re always looking for innovative products and solutions to help our ever growing list of clients - and SharpSpring is no different here.
So, if you’d like to know more about SharpSpring have a look at their video to the left and see for yourself.

Amazing Stats

Just have a look at some of these stats!

Conversion rates as high as 50%

B2C marketers who take advantage of marketing automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. (eMarketer, Feb 2013)

Maximising Company ROI

69% of top-performing companies cite “cooperation between marketing and sales” as the most critical value-driver for maximizing marketing automation ROI. (Gleanster, Nov 2012)

10% more sales compared to those that don't

B2B marketers who have implemented marketing automation contribute 10% more of the sales pipeline via marketing programs than do marketers who have not implemented marketing automation (44% versus 34%).

(Forrester Research, Jan 2014) Want to read the detailed report on Marketing Automation 2016 - check it out here>>

We Make It Easy

92%of CMOs at top-performing companies who say "Easy To Use" is the most important driver for marketing automation ROI. (Gleanster, Aug 2013)

Companies that use marketing automation see:

Better Lead Conversion
Greater Average Deal Size
Higher Team Attainment of Quota
Better Forecast Accuracy

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