Marketing Automation: All The Cool Marketers Are Doin’ It!

Most marketers and businesses know what they need to do to launch and maintain successful marketing campaigns. They realise the importance of quality content integrated with an active social media presence and a dedicated outreach process. They understand the role of measuring results and using them to iterate and improve their strategies and tactics. And they acknowledge that keeping their eyes on the digital horizon is a necessity.


It’s all well and good to be aware of what’s required to attain a certain goal but it’s a completely different beast to deliver on it. And implementing everything I mentioned – everything you need for a successful digital marketing strategy – is much easier said than done.

The various moving parts of an integrated digital strategy – content, social media, email – are not only complex undertakings, they’re also extremely time consuming. If you’re having trouble visualizing how to possibly manage and track all of this while still keeping your business moving forward, you’re not not alone. It’s a huge issue for businesses of all sizes.


Luckily for you, me and every other marketer, there’s a solution that helps streamline marketing strategies. And like we often do around here, we created a fancy infographic to explain what marketing automation can do for your business.